Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eva's Sampler

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped at an estate sale. The woman who had lived in the home enjoyed many types of needlecrafts as a hobby. Her name is Eva, and she produced perfectly stitched pieces. I bought one of her crocheted afghans and a set of stitched Christmas-themed placements that look as perfect on the reverse side as they do on the front.

My favorite find is a sampler. Eva stitched this piece onto unbleached weaver's cloth. The sampler's theme is "All the earth is full of God's glory." A tree of life sits squarely on the bottom and is surrounded by leaves stitched in autumn colors. Next comes a row houses and then four birds. Birds are near and dear to my heart. My husband and I have shared our home with birds for 28 years. Other motifs are snowflakes. They remind me of my mother because she'd always say, "God never made two snowflakes alike." True to my mom's word, Eva stitch each snowflake in a different design.

I will treasure Eva's sampler always. When it's time to sell items from my meager estate, I hope someone who loves Eva's sampler as much as I do comes along.


Pat said...

Anne, Love the sampler. I used to cross-stitch a lot, still can, but don't do much of it any more. I run out of time..you know what I mean? I certainly appreciate your comment on my blog today. Now, about that rooster....I was three and he was one of those big, white ones...for some reason he took a dim view of me and jumped on me, putting his talons into my face. Fortunately,over the years, my scars disappeared except for one which is right on the side of my nose, so hardly noticeable by most. My mother chased the rooster to the creek and drowned him, she was so upset. I have never gotten over it....even at this age, I need chickens to be in front of me!!! So glad to hear from you..as always...take care. Pat

Pat said...

Anne, Once again, I love that sampler!!! As to AWOL out at Ferndale....we are already planning one next year....you might want to come to that one! And, this September, we have our guild workshop out at the 4H Center..10th,11th,12th. There will be more out about it in the next few weeks...I'm teaching there too. Take care. pat

brenco1 said...

Anne I want to go to estate and yard sales with you. What wonderful finds to grace your home. I saw you are from Arkansas. Pat and I were roomies at AWOL. The Saline County Quilt Guild is having there annual Quiltmania retreat this last week of March at the same Ferndale site. We will be there Monday thru. Wednesday. Drop by and ask for Brenda. Pictures are on http://www.nevertoolatetohavefun.blogspot.com/