Monday, February 28, 2011

Five-dollar Quilt Blocks

A local quilt shop sponsors a BOM project that costs only five dollars to purchase the supply kit to create the first block. If participants return on either of two appointed days each month and attend a brief presentation, a kit with fabrics and instructions are provided for no additional fee. At the end of the year, participants could construct twelve blocks for only five dollars!

So far, I have completed blocks for January and February. March's block is ready to be stitched on my Featherweight. The quilt shop also offers one-yard rolls of coordinating fabric strips to facilitate completion of the quilt. Those rolls are priced at less than ten dollars.

What fun it has been to meet monthly with a group of eager quilters as we anticipate a brief presentation about new trends and products before being given the kit to make the next month's block. Quilters are indeed the most pleasant people in the world!

Happy quilting!