Monday, August 3, 2009

Room to Sew

Long time—no post, huh? Life gets in the way. Anyway, I recently rearranged my sewing room to be much more efficient. I moved out a large armoire to make room for my 1913 Singer “red eye” treadle sewing machine.

My trusty golden retriever, Chloe, manages to eke out a space to curl up whenever I am working in my sewing room. Most of the time, however, Chloe chooses a spot where I need to stand or sit. Poor Chloe.

While flipping through a 1960s issue of “Look” magazine, I spotted an ad for one of my vintage Singer sewing machines, which is a “Model 401.” I framed this ad and added it to my display of beloved collected items.

I am enjoying my corner desk and wall unit. These pieces had been part of my daughter’s bedroom furniture. She didn’t need this desk unit any longer since has moved to a place of her own.

I am hopeful that my newly organized space will inspire me to be more productive. I shouldn't have any excuses for not sewing anymore!


Gretchen said...


What a great workspace! We don't have a room for all my crafts so it's fun to see a whole room devoted to your projects.

I especially love the magazine that you framed. I'm a huge fan of framing things like that.


yna said...

How nice,.You can also decorate your home with your antique collectibles like your antique table or other vintage stuffs.