Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

My sweet husband took me and our dog, Chloe, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for my birthday. We left on Friday, October 17, and returned home on my birthday, October 21. Chloe and her toy duck diligently watched the goings-on at the campground we stayed at through a window in our motorhome. Our son Matthew, who is a college student, drove over and spent the weekend with us. We were camped 60 miles from his college in Fayetteville.

Our favorite attraction during our visit this time was Thorncrown Chapel, and it was an inspiration! This little chapel, designed by E. Fay Jones, has garnered several prestigious design awards. It's estimated that seven million visitors have trekked up the hill to enjoy this awesome structure since its completion in 1980.

We were treated to a rare event while we visited Thorncrown Chapel after a bus loaded with tourists from Tennessee arrived while we were there. Since the chapel was full of awe-struck visitors, the chapel's music minister, Patricia Taylor, sang "Amazing Grace" after her informative presentation about Thorncrown's history.

There wasn't a dry eye in the chapel after Ms. Taylor, who has been the chapel's music minister for 25 years, sang the last note of this beloved hymn. Ms. Taylor certainly used the building's astonishing acoustics to its full advantage. We later learned from our shuttle driver that the music minister rarely sings after delivering a presentation.

We had also planned to visit War Eagle, a working grist mill situated on the War Eagle River. A huge crafts fair is held on the grounds each spring and fall. But after a bee stung me, I changed my mind. I had to take Benadryl to counteract an adverse reaction to the sting, so I was a bit groggy. Oh, well -- maybe next year.

Here are a few photos of Thorncrown Chapel, along with one of a very nosy golden retriever!


Gretchen said...


That chapel is just so very unusual and beautiful. What a great place to visit.

Chloe looked like she wanted to be outside checking things out too.


Unknown said...

How do you buy Patricia Taylors music?