Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Tiny but Tidy Space for Sewing

I recently worked on and off for a week to organize and re-arrange my sewing room, which is the smallest bedroom in our home. It was originally our daughter’s bedroom, but when she outgrew the space in 2000, we added on a new master bedroom suite and gave her our old bedroom.

I have three sewing machines and two sergers. My Bernina 630E was a gift to myself and was purchased with some of my inheritance. I love my new computerized sewing machine, and it also embroiders beautifully.

My mother was a seamstress, and when I was a child, I watched her create many garments on an old black Singer 66. Last Christmas, my sweet husband drove me three hours from our home, so I could purchase a vintage Singer 15-91. The nice woman selling it said the much-loved machine had belonged to her mother-in-law. My Singer 15-91 still sews perfectly and is similar to the machine my mother had. I used all of my Christmas money to buy it. It came with a gorgeous walnut cabinet fitted with fold-out “wing” extensions.

I also own a mint-green, mid-70s model Kenmore, which is similar to the machine my mother purchased to replace her Singer. I bought it from my neighbor for $25, and that machine still operates quite well. The old machines require a bit of maintenance, but I enjoy the process of cleaning, oiling and re-filling grease pots.

My first serger came from Sam’s Club. It was my Christmas present in 1993. Although it is branded as a Singer, I later learned that it was made by Juki. I have never had a problem with it. Thinking I needed a coverstitch option, my husband gave me a Pfaff 4852 for Christmas last year. It forms perfect overlock stitches and feeds smoothly, but it sometimes takes a while for me to thread it properly.

Anyway, my space is a bit cramped, and it certainly won’t win any design awards, but I enjoy working in my newly organized sewing room. I can pull my cutting table out and easily move it when needed. My space makes me happy. My dog Chloe also loves spending time with me while I sew. The space makes her happy, too, unless I accidentally step on her tail. Now I just need to get busy and create something!


Pat said...

Anne, I think your sewing room is just great!! I hope you really enjoy it and, as I do, regard it as your sanctuary. I tried to leave you a comment to answer your question on crazy quilting that you asked on my blog this a.m. and was unable to do it for some reason. Why don't you send me an email and I can easily explain what I did? Take care. pat

Handmade Showcase said...

What a wonderful haven. Your fabric stash looks inspiring!

Thank you so much for linking to my blogs:-)

Gretchen said...

I think your sewing room is just the perfect size. I only have a corner of the guest bedroom but I make it work. You've got cutting areas and fabric areas, etc. and I know as time goes on, you'll enjoy it even more.


Nikki said...

WHat a great sewing room! And I'm happy to hear other people have lots of sewing machines (as I do). I'm still sentimental about a vintage Singer industrial I had to offload when I moved overseas over ten years ago....

Rosie said...

Hi Anne! I loved your sewing room and the way you have it arranged! It inspires me to do the same and I will as soon as I am finished with the down sizing!!