Monday, September 15, 2008

Homeless and Distressed

After Ike wreaked havoc on the Texas coast, the nasty storm weakened into a tropical depression once he made his way to Arkansas. However, the storm still packed a punch with heavy rain and gusty winds. Spin-off storms also spawned tornadoes.

Once the storm passed, one couple living next door to me assessed the devastating damage to their home. The couple was quite distressed and seemed not to understand what had happened. They fussed and flitted around the remains of their former tree-top abode, but no help arrived to give them direction or offer temporary accommodations.

This couple, a sprightly pair of Cardinals, broke my heart when I realized their fate. Two days have passed since the storm moved on, but the birds maintain a vigil over the downed tree that was once their safe haven. The colorful birds still dash into the toppled branches, and I assume that perhaps this couple could have or may have had young nestlings in the tree. Like many others who were displaced, this couple will have to find somewhere else to live and start over. Life goes on, after all.

I am truly sorry for those who lost their homes and businesses. I wish the very best to the brave workers and volunteers as they toil diligently to restore power and give aid to the folks affected by Ike.

A photo of the fallen tree Ike's winds pushed over

A photo of the homeless male Northern Cardinal (bottom left)

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