Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now We're Cooking!

My new kitchen is really just my old kitchen dressed up and changed cosmetically. We have lived in our house for 22 years. We didn’t build the house, but we have been its sole owners. Over the years, my kitchen cabinets have changed hue from light to dark and back again. I had first painted my kitchen cabinets country blue. A few years after that, I painted them black. The cabinet doors had begun to sag, and we had already replaced the original worn hinges with ones that never fit quite right. After many years of use, the appliances no longer functioned well, either.

Instead of ripping out the entire kitchen, however, we chose to purchase new cabinet doors, drawer boxes with new glides and matching drawer fronts, along with convenient slide-out shelving, in order to refurbish and update our cabinetry. Danny Sullivan took on the monumental task of measuring, ordering and installing all those drawers and fittings, and he also put up crown molding. Danny is a craftsman par excellence! I painted—again—the cabinet faces, interiors, doors and drawer fronts. This time, I chose a creamy color.

For the floors, I chose ceramic tiles in varying warm tones and sizes. New appliances feature a stainless finish. Our GE Trivection range offers speedcooking, which combines radiant heat with microwaves. This oven cooks quickly and enhances both the taste and the texture of food. Our new microwave also bakes and speedcooks in addition to standard microwaving, and when the kids are away, it’s perfect for preparing a meal for two.

We have enjoyed our new/old kitchen very much. However, after nearly suffering heat stroke from the daunting task of scraping unsightly texture compound off the ceiling, I thought I’d never see my project completed! Word to the wise: Some jobs are not meant for do-it-yourselfers!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:


Gretchen said...


I love your kitchen! Our was red before we painted it white and it was like someone turned on the lights in the house. I'm jealous of your glass doors. Those are so pretty. It's just amazing what a little TLC will do for a room. I also love the eat-in counter in your kitchen. Our kitchen is really tiny but so is our whole house. Love your china cabinet too with your table.


Pat said...

Anne, Just love your newly redone kitchen! It looks so light and airy. I love that. Mine surely needs it, but we don't seem to have the energy to do such a thing just now. I'm envious!! Thanks for the visits to my blog this week...sure appreciate your comments...always nice to hear from you. Have a great day! Pat