Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gone to Pieces

Last month, I attended the 7th biannual Quiltfest sponsored by the Hot Springs Area Quilt Guild. Two hundred amazing quilts were on display. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Blue Birds for Conway by Reta Lawrence of Hot Springs

Seasons by Nell Osbahr of Hot Springs

Blossom Wreath by Laurel Oliver of Hot Springs Village

Heart and Home by By Nola Abraham of Hot Springs Village

Le Jardin (Anne Sutton) by Lou Ann Buell of Hot Springs Village

Yankees in Atlanta by Shannon Young of Benton

Stars and Shadows by Geannine Ott of Jacksonville

The Blue Collection by Mary Jo Kurten of Hot Springs Village

Blooming Hearts by Doris Oliver of Hot Springs Village

Good Morning Chicks by Wilma Blair of Hot Springs

Welcome to my Migraine by Shannon Young of Benton

Civil War by Nancy Philpot of Mena

Night Bloom by Eddie Landreth of Benton

Favorite Things by Geannine Ott of Jacksonville

Pineapple Smoothie by Connie Partain of Hot Springs

Pineapple Smoothie is my very favorite! I am usually drawn to reproduction fabrics related to Civil War quilts and 1930s reproduction prints, but this quilt is stunning!

Twenty-four vendors set up shop at the quilt show. I enjoyed browsing and shopping. I bought Anne Sutton's Le Jardin pattern set and two wool applique kits. I also entered to win a Bernina model 215 from Hickory Hill Quilts and Sewing Center of Hot Springs Village. I was elated when I later received a call from the shop telling me that I won!

This is me and Norma McKinnon, owner of Hickory Hill Quilts and Sewing Center. When she processed the transaction, she said, "I will ring up the machine at a 100% discount." Can't beat that deal!

I love this machine. I had admired it at the show and even attempted to pick it up by its handle to check its weight. I let go of the handle when I realized I shouldn't be lifting the machine off its display, but a representative of the shop lifted it for me and told me it weighed about 16 pounds -- perfect for classes. Later that evening, I told my husband about the machine. He recalled that my eyes sparkled when I described it to him. I still can't believe I won this wonderful Bernina sewing machine!


Anonymous said...

Good Wednesday afternoon to you Anne.

Those quilts are absolutely gorgeous Anne! What talent and patience go into making these pretty things!

Glad you won such a great sewing machine!

Just came by to say hello, to thank you for visiting my blog, and to wish you GOOD LUCK on the $300 dollar amazon.com Gift Card Giveaway!

Who knows - you could be on a lucky streak:)

Stray Stitches said...

Congratulations on your win!!!! Have you been able to play with it yet?

The quilts are amazing. Each of the applique quilts are a work of art and I'm not sure which one I liked best.

Thank you for taking me on a tour of the Quiltfest :)

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm so glad you visited my blog so I just had to pop over and see yours. I loved all the photos you shared from the quilt show and I too must congratulate you on the win of a new Bernina!!!! WOW.....such luck and how fun!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Anne I was away on a mission trip during this show so I was sad to miss it but I loved seeing your pictures. Congratulations on your win - that's awesome! blessings, marlene

Pammie said...

Congratulations! That is so fantastic!

I'm so happy for you - and I now reqret not going to the Long Beach quilt show - those are some fabulous quilts!!

I do have Bernina Fever!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how EXCITING! Congratulations and enjoy the heck out of that machine. (!!!)

Gmama Jane said...

You may just be one of the luckiest gals in the Universe!! WOW! had there been a drawing and your name was picked ?/How did you happen to win it? I would have almost fainted!! What a wonderful surprise.
Gmama Jane
BTW, do you read Marlene Bush's blog Stichinbythelake? She lives on a lake in Hot Springs. She is THE most delightful person and her blog is absolutely wonderful. If you haven't already, may I suggest you check out Marlene's blog. I can't wait to meet her one day since we've developed a good friendship through our blogs. She and I are both retired educators.
Gmama Jane

Joanie's Quilts said...

Just stopped by to visit your blog. Thank you for stopping mine today to comment on the Blog Hop Party Give Away! How wonderful to win a Bernina sewing machine! The quilts from the show are stunning! You are among talented quilters.

Jen said...

Wow! Congrats! I love my Bernina more than anything (except my husband). You and that Bernina were meant to be :)