Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anne Sutton's "Bitty Bird" Pincushion

On Tuesday, I attended another pincushion class at Pinwheel Fabrics. Gwen Rogers, who'd earlier led two classes to make the "Bitty Bunny," again instructed a fun group of women in this class. "Bitty Bird" is another adorable creation from Bunny Hill Designs.

My fellow classmates and I certainly benefited from Gwen's prep work. She again foraged for wool at thrift stores. Not only that, Gwen also dyed the wool in custom colors, and she added subtle shading to some of the pieces. All fabric, trim, and embellishments were ready for each of the five students when class began.

I chose blue wool for my bird, as did the others. Gwen also offered pink wool. I will likely make another version in pink. Anne Sutton's pattern booklet pictures a pink "Bitty Bird," and it's adorable. I later added my own vintage lace around the tuffet upon which the bird rests.

Again, Gwen suggested copying pattern pieces onto freezer paper. We ironed the pieces slick-side-down onto the wool to make cutting easier. To stiffen the bird's tail, Gwen suggested using Timtex or "Steam-a-Seam." We used the latter with great results.

The pattern pieces Anne designs are perfectly shaped, so success with the finished creation isn't difficult to achieve. The critical seam was the gusset-like piece that forms the bird's breast and underside. Students were instructed to clearly transfer marks from the pattern to aid in proper construction. Gwen suggested using tailor tacks, and I agree that it's the best method. I marked mine with chalk, but my markings quickly disappeared.

I highly recommend Anne Sutton's "Bitty Bird" pincushion pattern! A fun project you'll love making and enjoying! A pincushion also makes a great gift for the crafty person in your life.

Update on the Traveling Stash! Debra contacted me via email and wrote that she'd be hosting the Traveling Stash Box giveaway on her blog for winner Jen W. A link to the giveaway will appear on Quilty Giveaways soon! Hurray!


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